Supervisors of Greece New York

The list of supervisors is broken out into two sides so that they are readable and able to be clicked on to go to the information on that supervisor. The supervisors in order based on years served. Slide 2 is Supervisors from 1822 to 1881 and then Slide 3 is from 1882 to Present day. Some Supervisors served multiple terms in non-consecutive years and some supervisors served consecutive terms. There are exceptions on the number of slides for some supervisors one is for Alanson P. Britton who served 5 different terms see below for his time as a supervisor. For some supervisors, we do not have Pictures or portraits of them so you will not be able to see who they were. For those that we do not have the portrait or pictures of the supervisor, we will be using a picture of an event during their time as supervisor or the person’s gravestone or street named after the person’s last name so there is at least something that is connected to them.