The mission of the Greece Historical Society is to discover, research, and preserve the history of the Town of Greece and to share that history with its residents and the local community through public programs, publications, museum exhibits, and accessibility to its archives and artifacts.

This “Archives” section strives to support this mission by providing access to an increased understanding of the people, stories, images, and events that have made the town what it is today. Historical information, which has been produced by a number of sources in various formats, has been identified and categorized here to facilitate its availability to those interested in studying the town’s history. To begin your travel through Greece’s history, simplify click on one of the links below:

Designated Town Landmarks

GHS Corinthian Newsletter Archives

GHS Program Archives

Historic Newspapers

Historic Photographs

Living in Greece

If you are interested in learning more about Greece, New York history, please contact us at (585) 225-7221.