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Ontario Beach Park – a series of articles written by Dick Halsey (also contains access to other historical content)

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Some of the stories of living in Greece may bridge the years that the story is based on some may bridge all years and some may only bridge 2 or 3 of the 50 years spans per each 50-year span starting with 1800-1850, 1900-1950, 1950-2000, and 2000-Present.

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The Grand Erie Yacht Club

Laurie Eisele explores the remnants of the Grand Erie Yacht Club, founded in 1982 by marina members seeking camaraderie. Bought for $1, operational hurdles were overcome by community support, culminating in a bustling hub of activities until its closure in 1992 due to disagreements and regulatory challenges. Despite its derelict state today, it remains a nostalgic symbol of resilience and cherished memories for former patrons…

The Grand View Beach Club

In the early 20th century, Grand View Beach Club on Rochester’s lakeshore was a social hub for entertainment and civic advocacy. Built in 1902, it hosted dances, movies, and raffles until membership dwindled in the 1950s. Closed and dismantled by 1964, today, only memories and the club’s sign remain with a local resident…

Greece Little League – 70 Years Old!

Celebrating 70 years of Greece Little League program, starting in 1954 as Barnard Little League it evolved over 70 years to where it has expanded to cover all of the Town of Greece, parts of Charlotte and all of the Town of Hilton to the number of players and teams and now they have a 42-arce complex on Latta road with 13 fields…

Ralph Francis: Black Activist and Abolitionist

Marie Poinan presented on Charlotte ferries’ history, highlighting Ralph Francis, a black ferry operator who might have aided the Underground Railroad (UGRR). With limited records due to UGRR secrecy, Francis’s activism and circumstantial evidence, including his property and business ties, support possible involvement. After facing personal tragedies and potential danger, he disappeared, later resurfacing in Canada, with Poinan continuing research on his elusive history…

A Vineyard in Greece

The Fetzner family, German immigrants to Greece, originally established their reputation through making and repairing transport vehicles. Later, J.P. Fetzner ventured into the liquor business, founding several successful companies including the Rochester Liquor & Distilling Company and the Lake Ontario Wine Company. However, following J.P.’s death in 1909, his businesses quickly collapsed, revealing significant financial mismanagement…

Judson S. Kenyon

An ashtray artifact at the Greece Museum led to the discovery of Judson S. Kenyon, a notable personality from Greece, New York. Born in 1872, Kenyon was highly active in local politics and the Greece Baptist Church, earning a dedicated ashtray from the Greece Republican Party in 1948. He passed away in 1963…

Eighty Years Later- Camp Sawyer’s Well

In the February Corinthian, I wrote a short story, “The Stories That Find You – Camp Sawyer’s The Well”, about a well and its pump that Boy Scout Troop 14 (from a 2018 article called A Civic Club’s Legacy,) from Barnard School used at Camp Sawyer in the late 1930s and early 1940s. In the…