Historic Newspapers

In the past few years, there has been a concerted effort to preserve history as documented in printed news media of the past. This activity has gained urgency as printed news reporting has increasingly been replaced by digital media, publishers have gone out of business, and existing original print copies have become increasingly fragile with the passage of time.

This section of our site contains links to newspapers for which digital archives have been created. These links enable the viewing of editions that, in many cases, can no longer be viewed in print format because of their fragility. We hope that you enjoy viewing them and the journey into the past that they provide.

Additional links will be added as they become available.

These Newspapers are all hosted on NYS Historic Newspapers servers

The Greece Press (1934-1958)
4 January 1934 – 12 June 1958 (1233 issues)

Publisher: A.J. Ritz

New Greece Press (1958-1959)

26 June 1958 – 12 February 1959 (32 issues)

Publisher: Harold P. Bittner

Greater Greece Press (1959-1977)

19 February 1959 – 13 July 1977 (906 issues)

Publisher: Greater Greece Pub.

The Greece Post (1967-2009) 27 April 1967 – 31 December 2009 (2194 issues)

Publisher: Genesee Valley Newspaper Inc. then Messenger Post Newspaper

Hilton Record (1897-1974)

Years In Publication: 1897-1974

Available Online: 6 December 1906 – 19 December 1968 (2988 issues)