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    Bicentennial Snapshot No.36: Centennial Celebration of North Greece and Ridge Road Fire District

    Today we are spotlighting the two Greece fire districts that are celebrating their centennial years ...

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Popcorn Fundraiser

Do you Love Popcorn? Did you know some farms around the town of Greece may have grown corn that is good for Popcorn? What is your favorite Popcorn flavor? If you would like to help out the Greece Historical Society then shop at one of the many pop-up popcorn shops from Volunteers that is being run from November 19 til November 22 all of the funds collected from this popup sale will help the museum in many ways from educational programs to research and creation of new digital exhibits and much more it all depends on how much we raise from this popcorn sales. we receive 50% of every dollar spent on your order from Double Good online popcorn. Whether you’re sending a gift, supporting a fundraiser, or just needed some self-indulgence time with a bag of your favorite flavor, Double Good always gives back 50% of every dollar you spend. That’s how we Create Joy for others, together.

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We are thrilled and honored to announce that on September 20th, 2022 the Association of Public Historians of New York along with the New York State Museum presented the Greece Historical Society its 2022 Award for Excellence in Promoting Local History, for “the promotion of local history through research, writing, and other related accomplishments.”

2022 Award for Excellence in Promoting Local History

Besides maintaining the Greece Museum with permanent and changing exhibits and presenting a popular lecture series. The Greece Historical Society has: published books and stories, produced videos, provided speakers to local organizations, digitized local newspapers, erected historical markers, and conducted cultural resource surveys of local architects like The Thomas W. Boyde, Jr. Project. Most recently, in celebration of the town’s bicentennial, GHS volunteers researched and published stories of pioneer families of Greece and produced a weekly 5 to 10 minutes video highlighting various aspects of the Town of Greece’s history. These videos can be found on the left column on the homepage in the section labeled Bicentennial Snapshots. The Tuesday Programs can be found under GHS Programs Archives and are in the process of being transformed into a unique experience that will make it easier to see related articles from the newsletter in the section called Living in Greece, snapshots, and landmarks as well as working on adding parts of the digital kiosk to the website over time.

The Association of Public Historians of New York State is the professional organization that represents the 1,600+ government-appointed historians in the state.

We are incredibly proud of all our volunteers who are responsible for this honor given to GHS by the New York State-appointed public historians and the New York State Historian.


New Online Store

We have a new online store featuring merchandise with our Greece Historical Society bicentennial logo to celebrate the Town of Greece’s 200th birthday.

All orders come with Free shipping, Just enter promo code FREESHIP at checkout.


Here are a few of the items that are available now

To see more of the items that are available, visit GreeceHistoricalSociety.shop today.


Apply for a Bicentennial Pioneer Certificate

Example of a Bicentennial Certificate
Example of a Bicentennial Certificate

If you have documentation that proves that your family was living in the Town of Greece before 1872, you can apply for a PIONEER CERTIFICATE to be issued by the Greece Historical Society. The certificate will include your family name, a GHS bicentennial logo, an embossed gold GHS “Pioneer Family” seal, and the signature of GHS president William Sauers. (Additional copies will be available for purchase.) To date, we have created and distributed nearly 200 individual Pioneer Family certificates.

If yours is one of the featured families in the Pioneers of the Town of Greece book, you will automatically receive a certificate for that family and do not have to supply the paperwork discussed below. If you have another family who was in Greece before 1872, you will have to submit an application and pedigree chart for that surname.

To  request a certificate, please download and complete the certificate application and “fillable” pedigree chart using the links below:

Submit those two completed forms, and any additional supporting documentation, to us by e-mail at greecehistoricalsociety@yahoo.com or via US mail to: Greece Historical Society, PO Box 16249, Greece, NY 14616


Greece Olympia Exhibit

Greece Olympia Seal
Greece Olympia Orignal Seal

“The History of Greece Olympia” exhibit, which opened on Sunday, October 24th, is available once again now that our museum has re-opened for 2022.

Please plan to stop in to see memorabilia and pictures of how the school has developed over the years and the changes that have occurred. Here is just a sample from the exhibit of Greece Olympia the first modern form of education a High School where it was Grades 9 (Freshmen) thru 12 (Seniors) in Greece.

“The first modern form of education was a High School where is was Grades 9 thru 12

For the first dozen years, Olympia was only grades 10,11,12

Not sure when it became a 9 thru 12 school but it was long after it opened

Greece Olympia Exhibit 1
Greece Olympia Exhibit 1