Join Us for M & M Sunday! April 21, 2024

M&M Sunday

On April 21, 2024, from 2 pm to 4 pm, we will be hosting two of our top researchers and presenters Maureen Whalen and Marie Poinan are often the face of Local History in our town and the broader community. They both have given many informative talks at the Greece Museum, the Charlotte Branch Library, and several other sites around town. Their subjects have covered a wide range of topics from “A to Z” (ancestors to zoo!) Each has published and assisted others in numerous books and articles. Their audiences are always eager to hear their well-researched presentations.

M & M Sunday will honor them, along with other leaders of the Greece Historical Society. Come to thank Maureen and Marie along with other “behind the scenes” folks who make our historical society one of the best in New York State.

While there, enjoy M & M Sundaes, prepared by Jane Grant.

Jane Grant

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Flower Industry in Western NY (June 2021)

Nellie Gardner will give us a history of the flower industry here in Western NY and will tell us about the industry today and about her own flower business. She will show us her unique style, having had no formal design classes, as she demonstrates making a bouquet with flowers from her garden. Growing up on a self-sufficient horse-powered farm on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, gave Nellie the experience, incentive, and perspective to work her way through college, graduating from Cornell University with no high school education and no money. Nellie started her own cut flower business in 1992, has restored several Frank Lloyd Wright landscapes and now consults on horticulture and agriculture. Her Flower Barn and shop is in Adams Basin, NY. This was an outdoor event.

Irish Families of Greece

Marie Poinan Looks at some of the Irish families of Mother of Sorrows parish who settled on or near Latta Road. Many rare photos included in the presentation are from families who have shared their family histories and have donated them to the collection of the Greece Historical Society.

African Americans at Mt. Hope Cemetery (Feb. 2019)

MOUNTAINS OF HOPE: Marilyn Nolte talks about Mt. Hope Cemetery and the notable African Americans interned there, followed by Frederick Douglass family descendant, Jacqueline Sprague Cooper who talks about African American burials and promoting genealogy research and the importance of telling your families stories. Presented at the Greece Historical Society Museum on February 10, 2019

Bosnian Immigrants in Rochester: Adapting to America (July 2018)

Aiša Purak discusses her book, “Bosnian Immigrants: Opportunities and Challenges”, which studies a sampling of 100 Bosnian families who immigrated to Rochester and found a way to adapt to life in the new society—presented at the Town of Greece Museum on July 15, 2018.

You Can purchase a copy of her book on Amazon:

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

Lynn Sullivan, (former) Chief Executive Officer of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and Ascension Garden, presents a program on the history and special features of the cemetery. Holy Sepulchre Cemetery was founded in 1871 and is the largest and most active of Rochester’s cemeteries.

Erie Railroad History

On April 8, 2018, Dave Shields from the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum conducted a program at the Greece Historical Society. He discussed the history of the Erie Railroad in the Rochester area and shared details about the R&GV Railroad Museum’s evolution.

Jogging Through Cemeteries

Author Patrick Bynes talks about his new book where he takes the reader on a journey, as he jogs through local cemeteries in the Rochester, NY area, stopping to talk and interview people mourning lost family and friends. He gives an insight as to how we all deal, in our own way, with grief.

Buckman’s Dairy & Bakery History

Ralph DeStephano Jr. talks about the history and development of Buckman’s Dairy at the corner of Ridge Road and Long Pond Road from 1950 to the present. A loaf of bread would have cost $.18 and a gallon of milk sold for around $.97 at this time. The dairy was started in 1911 by Homer Buckman and closed in 2005. Recorded 16 July 2017 at the (Town of) Greece Historical Society.

  • Buckmans from Ralph DeStephano

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