Greece Olympia Exhibit

Greece Olympia Seal
Greece Olympia Orignal Seal

“The History of Greece Olympia” exhibit, which opened on Sunday, October 24th, is available once again now that our museum has re-opened for 2022.

Please plan to stop in to see memorabilia and pictures of how the school has developed over the years and the changes that have occurred. Here is just a sample from the exhibit of Greece Olympia the first modern form of education a High School where it was Grades 9 (Freshmen) thru 12 (Seniors) in Greece.

“The first modern form of education was a High School where is was Grades 9 thru 12

For the first dozen years, Olympia was only grades 10,11,12

Not sure when it became a 9 thru 12 school but it was long after it opened

Greece Olympia Exhibit 1
Greece Olympia Exhibit 1