Looking Back

These articles offer perspectives on what it was like to live in the Town of Greece in the past. Many are from the archives of the Greece Historical Society. If you would be interested in learning more about Greece history, please feel free to contact us.

A Brief Summary of the History of Greece

1800 – 1850

An Island Cottage Farmer’s Diary

1850 – 1900

Christmas Cards
Phelps and Waggs Corners General Stores
19th Century Marketing

1900 – 1950

Twelfth Night Celebrations
“Calling Home” During World War I
Truck Farming on Stone Rd.
Bands at Ontario Beach
The Dance Years
Ridge Rd circa 1917
The Post Card Craze
Farming in Greece
The Dewey Stone Area in the 1940s

1950 – 2000

Long Pond and Latta around 1950
The Story of Our Cupola