Winter Recess Schedule

As we have done in the past, the Greece Historical Society Museum will be closed on Sundays through the month of January. We will re-open to the public on February 3, 2019.
We will maintain regular Monday office hours in January and conduct our annual meeting on January 17th at our historic center. We will also conduct a special program at the Greece Public Library on January 8th. 

Rediscover Greece’s Historic School Houses

The Greece Historical Society has added a photo exhibit of Greece’s early school buildings. The exhibit includes photos and background information on Greece’s 17 original school district’s, as well as a map indicating their locations. Which one would you have attended??

The exhibit was originally created by the Greece Historical Preservation Commission in 2001 to commemorate National Historic Preservation Week’s theme: Restore, Renew, Rediscover Your Historic Neighborhood Schools.

Additions to the original exhibit include updates provided by historic preservation specialist Gina M. DiBella and the additions, by Mary Lee Strauss, of a timeline showing the development of the current Greece Central School district and photo highlights of the Barnard School. 

Visit our exhibit and share your historical memories of this period in Greece history by including your name, school attended, and personal recollections in the composition book located near the exhibit.

New School Days Exhibit Shows 1945-1955 Classroom

Our new “SCHOOL DAYS” exhibit shows what a  classroom looked like during the time period 1945-1955. Bring your children and grandchildren to see what desks looked like during this period, how the teacher dressed, and what educational tools were used – for example, a pull down map, Dick and Jane readers, and globes.