Life within the Boundaries of our Airport (Oct. 2021)

“Stranger Than Fiction”

Life within the Boundaries of Our Airport (Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport) with Rick Iekel.

A community’s airport is a somewhat curious combination of feel-good moments and trying times. It’s the beginning of a long trip or the first “Hello” to an arriving visitor. While the experienced business person can zip through without needing anyone’s support, to the occasional traveler, the experience can be confusing and even threatening. Often, when the traveling is done, the experience generates family stories for years to come.

Join Rick Iekel as he tells the fascinating story of life within its boundaries, from an insider’s point of view.

Rick Iekel spent 28 years working at Rochester’s airport. He started his career in 1965 as a customer service agent for United Airlines, was hired by Monroe County as the Assistant Airport Manager in 1973, and took over the reins as Airport Manager from Sam Cooper when Sam retired in 1989. Before leaving the airport in 1993, Rick was named Director of Aviation.