The Highland Park Children’s Pavilion

Joann Beck

We at the Greece Historical Society had the privilege of having Joann Beck from the Highland Park Conservancy as our speaker for the program. You can learn more about the Highland Park Conservancy at their website at

In this program we learned about the Frederick Law Olmsted designed Highland Park to emphasize its landform, atop a glacial moraine, with the Children’s Pavilion set at the highest point in the park. The three-story open-air pavilion was dedicated in 1890 and served as a landmark and gathering place for over seventy years until its demolition in 1963. Learn how the Highland Park Conservancy has advocated for the reconstruction of the Pavilion which is on track to be completed in 2024. Featured also in the video is the Quinn Family- Mark Quinn Superintendent of Horticulture, for the County of Monroe, and Rebecca Quinn Creator of the Olmstead Girl Scout badge and a leader of Daisy Troop # 60140. to learn more about the requirements for the Olmstead Girl Scout Patch you can click on this link here and it will take you right to the pdf on the requirements for the badge and see the patch on the Girl Scout of Western New York from the girl scout store by click on this link here Presented by Joann Beck in cooperation with the Greece Historical Society.