Pioneer Families of the Town of Greece – Volume 1

by Marie Villone Poinan and Jo Ann Ward Snyder

Researched and written by GHS volunteers, this 150 page book contains vignettes, nearly 400 photos, and input from current family members that highlight each family’s contribution to the town.

The following families are featured in Volume 1: Baker, Beaty, Bemish/Lane/Wilder, Britton, Captain, John Burns, Terry Burns, Butts, Carpenter/Toal, Cole/Kenyon, Denise, Eddy, Farnan, Fetzner, Joseph and Patrick Fleming, Robert Fleming, Goodwin, Hogan, Janes, Johnson, Kirk, Latta, Lay, Lowden, Mitchell, Mura, Nash, Newcomb, O’Neil, Perrin, Preston, James, Reilly, Reniff, Shearman, Speer/Carroll, Thorpe, Tiernan/McGee, Upton, Veeder, Veness, Volkmar.

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A Gentleman’s Country Estate

by Marie V. Poinan

This 22 page booklet, illustrated with dozens of photos and maps, chronicles the history of the Yates-Thayer, Elm Tree Farm, 710 Latta Road.

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The Architecture of James H. Johnson

by Katie Eggers Comeau and Christopher Brandt

The Architecture of James H. Johnson documents the life and work of Rochester, New York’s most innovative 20th century architect. In a career spanning nearly 60 years, Johnson designed hundreds of buildings in the greater Rochester area. Johnson’s daring, expressive designs remain some of the boldest and most creative contributions to the region’s architectural heritage. He is known locally as the designer of Rochester’s Liberty Pole, the Antell-Whitman House (better known as the “Mushroom House”) in Perinton, St. John the Evangelist Church in Greece, and Temple Sinai in Brighton. His other works are not generally well-known, nor is the sheer number of buildings he designed appreciated by either the general public or the architectural community. This book of 170 pages, includes 165 color and black-and-white images, and brings to light the work of this talented man.

“The Architecture of James H. Johnson” is presently out of stock. We anticipate printing more in the next few months. If you are interested in getting on a waiting list, please email us at:

Winning the Vote in Greece

by Maureen Whalen and Marie Poinan

As the 100th anniversary of the federal amendment giving women the right to vote is celebrated, this book, published in conjunction with an exhibit mounted by the Greece Historical Society, was recently reissued. Winning the Vote in Greece profiles fourteen women from Greece and Charlotte who were active in the suffrage movement. Through diligent research and detective work, the authors sought to bring to light these women’s contributions to the suffrage movement. 

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Hometown Sports Heroes of Greece NY

by Marie Poinan and Tom Sawnor

Hometown Sports Heroes of Greece, New York features 34 athletes who had prominent contributions to and careers in basketball, soccer, football, baseball, track, hockey, golf, volleyball, track, and cross country. They range in age from 26 to 87!

The book is 64 pages plus covers and is in FULL COLOR. It is chock full of photos and interviews with each sports figure in their own words. Based on interviews and the year-long exhibit in our museum.

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Building Dreams…the Odenbach Story

by Marie V. Poinan

Volume 3 in the series about the Odenbach family and their businesses. Building Dreams…the Odenbach Story. The plant on Dewey Avenue in the Town of Greece was an indoor shipyard built in an orchard. The facility employed thousands of Rochesterians and turned out over 200 boats in its short five years of existence.  John Odenbach’s patented methods of construction allowed him to build a boat every three weeks during World War II!

The Odenbach name is synonymous with entrepreneurship in Rochester. Follow family members from their start in the hotel and liquor business into quarries, shipbuilding and golf courses. Find out about the Greece Historical Society’s efforts to preserve the legacy of the family.

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Manitou Beach Trolley Days: 1891-1925

by William R. Gordon

Take a “ride” on the Manitou Beach Trolley from Charlotte to Manitou Beach in the days of lakeside beach resorts and parks as portrayed in the pictures and narrative of this reprinted rare book.

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Our Town in World War II

by Maureen Whalen and Marie V. Poinan

A 60-page commemorative book published in conjunction with the 2015 exhibit, “Our Town in World War II,” and includes Greece veterans’ interviews in their own words, a snapshot of the Odenbach shipyard and numerous pages chronicling life in the war years on the home front. A unique gift for anyone interested in learning more about the Greatest Generation and life in the Town of Greece in the 1940s.

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History of Northgate Plaza

by Marie V. Poinan

This 24 page booklet, illustrated with dozens of photos and maps, chronicles the history of the plaza, its builder, Emil Muller, with photos and stories of the Dobson family farm that preceded the plaza.

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Built in Greece…Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation

by Marie V. Poinan

Volume 2 in the series of booklets about the Odenbach family and their businesses. The Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation built tankers, tugs, landing barges and marine cranes on Dewey Avenue for five years. John Odenbach’s patented way of bending and welding steel revolutionized the industry. He built ships in Greece, New York, Galveston, Texas and Florida, employing thousands during World War II. The company was also one of about 5% of manufacturing facilities that earned the prestigious Army-Navy “E” award for production excellence.

This new 32-page book by Marie Poinan chronicles the history of the Dewey Avenue shipyard with many historic photos that have never been published, including photos of the demolition.

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COMBO OFFER: All 3 Books on Odenbach Shipbuilders.

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$30.00 Odenbach Volume 1, 2 & 3

The Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation

by Marie V. Poinan

Volume 1 in the series of books about the Odenbach family and their businesses. This 24-page booklet has more than 40 photos and illustrations the history of the Odenbach Shipbuilding complex on Dewey Ave.

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Eight Miles along the Shore

by Virginia Tomkiewicz and Shirley Cox Husted

An illustrated, anecdotal history of Greece, NY, this 208-page book tells the town’s history from wilderness to metropolis. The award winning book is the best available. Learn about the town’s history and its people: its business centers, Charlotte and Ridge Road, its hamlets, its farms, its schools and churches, service organizations, its parks and even its ghost stories. Book has over 300 images, maps and news articles.

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