“A Greece Winter Wonderland in the Early 20th Century” – from the Historian’s Desk

All seems so serene and calm in most of the accompanying photos of winter circa 1910-1920 in Greece of a century and more ago. What fun to go on a sleigh ride or cross-country skiing through the snow-drifted fields. Fast forward to the 21st century and quick as a wink, the fields orchards, and farmsteads are gone. No more rolled snow on the roads for the sleighs and bobsleds. All are replaced, slowly at first, then with increasing rapidity by urban development and mile after mile of tract that we now call home ! …. Time lends enchantment to all”.

Sled Ride- Kids Sledding, 1920
Dr. Sanders in his sleigh, circa 1920
Ridge and Eddy- Ridge Rd looking west, 1915

Ridge and Mt Read- Mt Read Blvd looking north, 1916
Lake Ave, N of Ridge- Deliveries on the left, Trolley on the right- notice, tracks are cleared, the street is not
Horse and Sleigh- Typical farmers with their utility sleigh and horse
Sleighs on the Ridge- Travel mode, winter 1912