Category: Exhibits Charting Your Family Tree, Part I

Charting Your Family Tree, Part I

July 11, 2021

Help with Your Family Tree Research
Join us at the Greece Museum, 595 Long Pond Rd. for a one-on-one session on help in preparing a pedigree chart for your family. JoAnn Ward Snyder and Marie Poinan will be joined by Holly Ricci-Canham, author and former president of the Orleans County Genealogical Society. All three will be on hand to help you fill out your family tree and answer your research questions. The session will be held outdoors in the back yard (weather permitting) so please bring your own lawn chair and your favorite pen. There will be no formal presentation, so you also need to bring your family tree information and your research questions. Pedigree charts will be available on a clipboard for your convenience. (also available for download on our website’s home page.) JoAnn and Marie are the co-editors of the Pioneer Families of Greece book and are be available to help write your family story from the information that you provide. Holly has taught classes and researched, documented/archived and shared family history for over 46 years. If you cannot make this event, we will also hold the same family tree session on Sunday, August 8th.

This is an outdoor event.....Bring your own lawn chair

Greece Historical Society and Museum
595 Long Pond Rd.
Greece, NY 14612
(585) 225-7221

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