Our beautiful woven coverlet depicts many historic buildings in Greece.

The Coverlet is 36” x 48”

The Buildings depicted on the Coverlet are

The Covert-Brodie-Pollok is a cobblestone-built house is in the top left of the Coverlet

Followed by Old Mother of Sorrows Church on the Middle Left

The Greece Historical Society and Museum building was home to the following Families the Larkins, the Beatties, and then the home of Gordon Howe the supervisor during World War II

In the Middle column, at the top, it starts with the text Historic Greece, N.Y.

The middle features the town of Greece seal with the Genesee Lighthouse with two lighting bolts behind the lighthouse and 1822 in the center of the terracotta-like circle

The text in the bottom middle Promotes the Eight Miles Along The Shore book

The Image in the upper right is the Greece Memorial Town Hall on West Ridge Road before the town moved the campus to just north of Latta Road where it sits today.

In the middle right is the house of the Kirk-Burns-Newcomb House

The Final image on the lower right of the coverlet is that of the Upton-Payne House which is currently the Ridgemont Country Club.

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