Lakeshore Garden Club History

“The Lakeshore Garden Club is one of the oldest garden clubs in this area. It was founded in June of 1935 at Char­ lotte High School under the leadership of Mr. Walter Bennett, who was its first President. The purpose of the club was to develop and promote an interest in gardening and landscaping; the use of flowers and plants in the home; the protection of trees, plants, shrubs, wildflowers, birds, and natural surroundings; and to enjoy the advantages of asso­ciation with one another. Mr. Bennett served as president of the club from 1935 until 1944.”

The club joined the State Federation of Garden Clubs in December 1935. In 1943, programs were devoted to victory gardening. The Club was active in the establishment of the Garden Center of Rochester in 1945, contributed to the landscaping of Northside Hospital in 1956, and started the restoration of the kitchen garden at the Campbell­ Whittlesey House in 1963. The club also participated in the restoration of the lighthouse at Charlotte by joining other garden clubs in the landscaping and gardening.

Walter Bennett of Nye Park, president of the Lakeshore Garden Club which held its first annual flower show yesterday, pauses to admire the prize-winning arrangement of datures entered by Miss Olive Slater of Beach Ave. D&C September 24, 1935

The club meets monthly from April to December of the year. There is a planned program for each month. Examples for 2020 are a visit to Homesteads for Hope, rehabbing wild creatures, a tour of the Foodlink Garden, ticks and other interesting bugs, and an update on recycling. Dessert is always an important part of our meetings! We close the year with a Christmas Luncheon. At present, we have 20 members. The current Co-Presidents are Cindy and Lou Rossi.

Lakeshore Garden Club is one of the only clubs in the District that includes men. The club makes regular donations to the Greece Ecumenical Food Shelf and contributes Thanksgiving Food Baskets to families through the food shelf. Until this year, the club has regularly maintained the gardens at the Unity Adult Day Care Center on Lake Avenue. Since that program has been moved, the club has taken over the care of one of the gardens at the Greece Historical Society. We were also able to donate and move two raised beds from the Unity Garden to Homesteads for Hope on Manitou Road. It is a delightful group which continues to “promote an interest in gardening and landscaping,” pro­tection of our environment, and “enjoy the advantages of association with one another.”

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Information is taken from “Lakeshore Garden Club 1935-2010 and current meeting minutes.

Ann Weitzel

Ann Weitzel is a member of the Lakeshore Garden Club.