Volunteer Opportunities

To volunteer call 225-7221 or contact us online

At the Museum


  • Volunteers guide visitors through the exhibits on Sunday afternoons from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m., on special occasions and by appointment. Group tours are given as requested.


  • Welcome visitors
  • Tell them a bit about the history of the house. When built, who lived here, etc.
  • Point out photos in dining room and the Gordon Howe exhibit
  • Direct visitors to the museum wing, Newcomb Hall.

Exhibits: Assist with

  • Selecting photos, maps, news articles about the subject of the exhibit
  • Researching information
  • Planning exhibit layout and traffic pattern
  • Installing the exhibit and when it is time, take the exhibit down and store it.


  • Volunteers interact with elementary teachers and the director of social studies of Greece Central Schools, with home school teachers, private schools and scout groups
  • Assist with local history curriculum as requested
  • Plan and present in-class programs for students who will be visiting our museum
  • Give guided tours to students
  • Assist in planning hands-on activities to enhance the learning experience.
  • Give guided tours to scout groups who are working on earning merit badges or awards
  • Publish written materials as a follow-up to their museum visit.
  • Plan programs for the community, such as Native American Day.

Collection Management:

Accession and De-accession Committee:

  • Five people review each item donated. If the item is pertinent to our collection, is in fairly good condition, and can be preserved, the item is taken into the collection. It is then accessioned by the registrar.
  • From time to time, items need to be de-accessioned and removal from the collection. Usually it is due to deterioration or breakage, but sometimes it is because it no longer fits the mission. De-accessioning must be approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Seeks articles needed for the collection.


  • Records artifacts and archives, assigning an accession number, as they are received.
  • Gives each item a category, classification and subject name and records the located.
  • Removes from the records items that have been approved for de-accessioning.
  • Maintains the records on PastPerfect Museum software.

Caring for the collection:

  • The members of the curatorial committee repair, move, or retrieve stored items to be used in an exhibit and use archival materials to properly store artifacts and archives.


Arranging for interesting, educational programs for our monthly series, Sunday afternoon series, or other occasions is another way to volunteer. The event usually requires setting up and taking down necessary equipment or tables/chairs. Publicity is also needed.

Special Events:

Fundraising events are held annually and require planning and execution. The many facets of the event include procuring entertainment, equipment, volunteers, bookkeeping, and publicity. Planning for events and finding new and interesting ways to raise the funds we need.



  • Responsible for accounts payable, monthly financial reports to the Board of Trustees and an annual report to the membership.
  • Responsible for filing 990N tax return and NYS annual sales tax return.
  • Assists in budget preparation and presentation to the Board for approval.
  • Makes financial records available to the audit committee and endowment fund trustees.


  • Records income and expenses on QuickBooks
  • Generates monthly P/L statements, Balance Sheet, YTD figures and a comparison over the previous year report for the treasurer.
  • Prepares deposits and takes to the bank.

Budget and Finance Committee:

  • Responsible for the preparation of the budget and for monitoring it.
  • Advises the Board of Trustees about fundraising.

Museum Gift Shop:

  • Manager, appointed by the President, purchases merchandize and arranges for clerks.
  • Volunteers clerk in the gift shop on Sunday afternoons and special events.
  • Inventory is kept by a selected volunteer.


  • Volunteers keep the files of the Society‚Äôs correspondence and reports
  • Answer telephone, distributes mail, makes copies, and generates letters as needed.
  • Assists committees as needed.
  • Assist with computer and other technology issues


  • Records payment of dues of members and maintains membership roll.
  • Sends new members information about the Society and volunteer opportunities.
  • Conducts membership drives occasionally
  • Provides a membership information table at program meeting and special events.
  • Sends reminders to members who are past due.


  • Makes necessary repairs to the dwelling or arranges for them.
  • Trims around the flower beds and walks, prunes shrubs, etc.; removes snow from walk ways.
  • Paints as necessary.